1. Products

                Our company is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation, transformation and complete equipment of various gas and electric heating industrial furnaces and related industry environmental protection equipment.

                Performance Unit

                Application Field

                The equipment is used in heavy machinery, petrochemical machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, casting, forging, non-ferrous metals, power generation equipment, steel, aviation, shipbuilding, military industry, transportation and many other industries.


                Huzhou Henghui Technology Co., Ltd.

                Huzhou Henghui Technology Co., Ltd. (the original Huzhou Henghui Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. was renamed Huzhou Henghui Technology Co., Ltd. in June 2016) is a well-known professional industrial furnace and thermal equipment manufacturer in China. The company has complete technical and professional equipment. , The technical level is first-class, the company integrates technology research and development, product design, manufacturing and installation, core electrical control and software independent development. The manufacturing and construction experience is very rich, the operation efficiency is efficient, and it has a good reputation in the industry.